AmerCable Exposed Run Cables – The fast economical alternative to tray cable


AmerCable's Exposed Run (TC-ER) Cables offer fast, economical installation. This new rating for tray cables – TC-ER – was created by changes in NEC and UL standards. If the basic UL cable type meets additional crush and impact requirements, UL permits the manufacturer to add the -ER suffix to the basic listing on the cable. The -ER signifies that it has met the physical toughness requirements that permit it to be installed as exposed wiring in certain applications. Such wiring, i.e. wiring that is installed outside of a tray, conduit or other raceway, is sometimes also called open wiring. With the -ER suffix printed on the cable, the responsible electrical inspector is able to verify that the cable meets Code requirements for use as exposed wiring.

Lower Installed Cost!

UL Type TC tray cables are permitted in cable trays by the NEC. However, tray cables

without the -ER suffix that extend from the tray for more than 1.8 meters (6 feet) to

connect to a motor or other electrical device must be installed in conduit or other type of raceway. Tray cables with the -ER suffix can extend much further in certain applications if given adequate protection and support.

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